First Saint Clémence Poésy Giveaway

Introducing the first Saint Clémence Poésy giveaway. We have a set of Panini Stickers from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire featuring Clémence Poésy to be won. Check out the photos at the bottom of the post for the actual stickers up for grabs.

To enter this giveaway you have to donate at least $1 to enter this giveaway on the donate button here on the site. Each dollar donate will count as one participation, so if you donate $10 you’ll have 10 chances to win the giveaway!

All your money will be channeled to buy exclusive pictures of Clémence which we will share with you.
Open worldwide, without costs of shipping to the winner.

The winner will be choosed randomly via electronic raffle, and later announced over this site on the 31th of August.

Spread the word ;)

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SCP Giveaway

SCP Giveaway

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