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We have some exciting news today, Ana from the Clémence Poésy Fansite Clémence-Poésy.org has given us an exclusive interview on being a fan of Clémence, Fashion and her own website. Check out the interview below:


How did you first find out about Clémence and what was it that made you a fan of hers?

I first saw Clémence on Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, as Fleur. I thought she looked gorgeous and her accent made me so curious on searching who she was. I started searching information about her, looking around for tv series and movies she stared in, and then I realised she went to several fashion shows, and since I love fashion, I started following the fansite I found that updated stuff about her the most (the one I currently post in), so I could see what she was up to and follow her wonderful work.

What’s your favourite film or TV production of Clémence’s?

Birdsong it’s definitely my choice. I love historical related movies and tv series, although I watched War and Peace I thought the original was a better production, Clémence still did a wonderful job though! After Birdsong, I must say I loved Lullaby for Pi, the story it’s completely different than the ones out there, it’s a beautiful love story.

Clémence is much more than just an actress with her work in fashion and modelling, which of the 3 do you prefer her work in?

I love fashion, and I’m so glad Clémence loves it too. I definetly adore her work as an actress firstly, secondly I would have to say fashion wise, as I am not much interessed in her modelling work, though I see the photoshoots she makes as a fashion related instead of modelling work.

Which of Clémence’s productions do you you feel has the best wardrobe?

Hard question again hehe Porbably Birdsong, ’cause I felt like her age suited the time and wardrobe better than the War and Peace or Gunpowder, Treason and Plot, or any other historical movie she has made.

She is also very talented in other areas such as a musician, writer and artist. Which of these would you most like to see more of?

Honestly? None. I much admire her photography rather than her music, writing or any other. Her photos, mostly shared by Lula Magazine, are perfect, so well taken and composed.

There have been many on screen loves which was your favourite and who would you like to see her work with?

I’ve always adored Gaspard Ulliel, I had this thing since I watch Hannibal and his gorgeous freaking eyes, I always wished her to be in a movie with him. Thankfully La Troisieme Partie du Monde appeared! Even if its not one of my favourite movies but I love their connection. After than, I knew Jim Sturgess and Rupert Friend already, I never thought of them as a good screen love for Clémence but they did an amazing job! Approved :)

Her style has changed slightly than when she first started appearing at fashion shows, do you prefer her old or new style?

I don’t think her style changed to be honest, she evolved from all this years as fashion evolves, if she said true to her style back in 2000’s she would have frozen in style. You can see she still wears the same kind of style, even though it’s not completly the same clothes.

What are some of your favourite appearance looks?

I usually love every outfit she brings to Channel events, but the latest Valentino outfit (the red dress) just won me over!

What are some of your favourite photoshoots?

This is difficult lol, Clémence made a lot of photoshoots, but I must say I love the work of Max Vudukul, in both photoshoots he did with Clémence.

What would you like to see Clémence do in the future?

I would love to see her in some big roles, she has been doing short movies and independent films, I think it’s time for her to do a big role, not related to historical characters, has she has done that already. Or a tv serie would be a good idea, a recurring character, not in a French tv serie, as I want her to gain some foreign (uk or usa) fans.

Do you have any Clémence related memorabilia and what would be your perfect item?

Sadly I do not, I don’t think I would have the space to store it, and I know that you James will be a grate saver for the memorabilia. I do have a Chloe perfume though. I love magazines, I wished I had all the magazine issues of the work, fashion wise, so I would definetly liked to have all her clippings.

Your website has been around for a long time, what made you want to work on a fansite?

Once I knew Clémence, I contacted the owner of all the fansites I currently post in, Natasha, and I started by offering only some information to the fansite, as I realised I was able to find some stuff she didn’t, as I wanted the fans to know all the information I was able to find, I entered the fansites world. Other than wanting to share the information of the celebrity (whether its Clémence, Emilie de Ravin and more recently Holliday Grainger) I only wanted to let the fans know EVERYTHING about them, it’s a hard task, most people outside this world don’t realise it, but most of it it’s worth the time, I say most, ’cause it’s really time consuming.

Do you have any other fansites at the moment?

Yes, I post at Emilie de Ravin Fan, www.emiliederavinfan.com, for the lovely actress Emilie de Ravin known by Claire from Lost, or more recently for Belle in Once Upon a Time, and I finally was able to create my own fansite with Natasha’s help for the adorable Holliday Grainger, www.hollidaygraingerfan.com, known by Lucrezia from The Borgias, or for being two times already in a movie with Robert Pattinson, The Bad Mothers Handbook and Bel Ami.


A massive thank you to Ana for the interview.
Why not go and check her website over at www.clemence-poesy.org and leave a comment for it is an amazing resource which I use for any updates I may have missed or leave a comment below letting us know why you like Clémence.

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